Mental Health


Trinity Willison Cricket Club is proud to be a club based on mateship and looking out for one another. As part of this, we are committed to creating an environment of support with regards to the issue of mental health. Each year, the club holds a fundraising event to raise awareness for the issue, as well as to contribute to club's Mental Health Fund.


The purpose of the fund is to cover the out of pocket expenses incurred during the treatment of a mental health issue. Any member of the club may access the fund to cover expenses relating to either themselves or a member of their family. To access the fund, a member may approach the Treasurer or any other member of the Executive. If preferred, a member may also access the fund using the secure portal below. Names and receipts are used for identification purposes only, otherwise access to the fund is completely anonymous.


Click the link below to open the Mental Health Fund online access portal.



Access the TWCC Mental Health Fund